Workshops and Garages

In most cases, your workshop or garage will be ready for use in under three months!

Sometimes, you just need more space. When your home can’t accommodate your hobbies or small business anymore, give OKIE Barndominiums a holler! Our crew of master builders can create a great new workshop or garage space for you to build and create in that’s energy-efficient, cost-effective, and custom-built to suit your needs.

Whether you bring your own design or have our crew help you create one, our workshops give you the room you need to grow a small business or spend time on hobbies like woodworking or restoring cars. If you don’t need a full workshop space but would like more room, we also build garages! If you need a little more room for vehicles, farming equipment, or any other machinery, our builders can craft a spacious custom garage to keep your property organized. You’ll have plenty of room for storage, as well as room to set up a workbench or production space.

At OKIE Barndominiums, all of our buildings are made of high-quality sheet metal. Not only is it durable and easy to maintain; it’s also incredibly weather resistant. Your goods, equipment, and projects will be protected at all times. Like our barndominiums, our workshops and garages are sustainable and affordable. Since our skilled builders are able to handle nearly all of the construction themselves, we’re able to finish the build much quicker than companies that rely on subcontractors.

It’s time to take the next step and build your workshop with OKIE Barndominiums.
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