Straightforward Steps to Your Custom Turnkey Barndominium

No matter which of our models you choose, we follow the same basic process for every project. We’ve learned during our time in the industry that a simple, honest approach to building yields the best results. OKIE Barndominiums team involves you at every step of the process, which helps to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your barndominium.

Although it’s not a requirement, the process will go more smoothly if you’ve already purchased the land, had it surveyed, and obtained preapproval for the build from your bank. We can refer you to realtors and banks we’ve worked with before if you haven’t gotten that far yet.

Here’s how we do things:

This is our chance to learn all about you and your vision! Once you've reached out to us about a project, our team will meet with you to understand your desires for your barndominium fully. If you already have a design concept in mind, fantastic! We'll review it together, gathering all the details necessary to provide you with a formal bid. Don't fret if you haven't settled on a design yet – for a modest fee, our team can assist you in crafting the barndominium you've always dreamed of.


In our barndominium design meeting, we'll sit down together to discuss your vision, preferences, and needs for your project. This is a collaborative session where we'll explore different design options, including layout, style, and finishes. Whether you have sketches you've drawn, a plan you've seen and liked, or pictures of designs that inspire you, we can work with any starting point you choose. Alternatively, we can also present you with one of our spec plans or use any template you prefer as a starting point.  This meeting is a crucial step in creating a design that truly reflects your vision and meets your requirements effectively.


This is where we bring your electrical plan to life and provide expert guidance on selecting all your interior and exterior finishes to perfectly complete your barndominium. We'll also assist you in choosing the trades you prefer to bring into the build. If you're contributing sweat equity or customer labor, this is where we'll meticulously fine-tune all the details before moving on to the next crucial step: the budget meeting.

  • Finishes
  • Flooring
  • Type of HVAC System
  • Type of Insulation
  • Cabinets and etc...

Once your design and selections are finalized and everyone is in agreement, our CEO and design team meticulously analyze your preliminary numbers to determine the final price for your build. Once this is established, it's time to kick off the construction phase!


 The barndominium building process itself is generally much faster than building a house. Since our highly skilled crew handles nearly all construction in-house, you won’t find yourself waiting on a subcontractor.

In fact, most of our barndominiums are move-in ready in just 4 -8 months.

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