Pole Barns

Pole Barns can serve any purpose

If the land on your property is mainly dirt, gravel, or otherwise unlevel, you might think that the barndominium lifestyle is too hard to achieve. Creating a concrete foundation can cost a lot of time and money, and it may not leave your property in the best shape. Not to worry! For those seeking the barndominium lifestyle on the unlevel property, OKIE Barndominiums also builds pole barns.

Oklahoma has a long tradition of pole barns, dating all the way back to the Dust Bowl era. Unlike other barns, which must be built on a level concrete foundation, pole barns are secured to the ground with deep-set poles. Because they don’t have a concrete foundation, they can be even more cost-effective and quick to build than a standard barndominium.

Pole barns are incredibly versatile, and there’s no limit to what purpose they can serve on your property. Whether you bring us a design of your own or our crew helps you create a custom design, we can build a pole barn to suit any need.

Your new OKIE Barndominiums pole barn can function as a:
  • Comfortable, sustainable family home
  • Separate apartment for adult children or aging family members
  • Working barn
  • Workshop

…and just about anything else you can think up!

Like all of OKIE Barndominiums’ building projects, pole barns are energy efficient and affordable. Our sheet metal exteriors mean you’ll never have to sacrifice the classic farmhouse look you want for durability and weather safety. With our team of master builders, we’re able to complete almost all of the construction for your pole barn in-house. Not only does this enable us to guarantee an unbeatable level of quality; we’re also able to stick to a speedy schedule without subcontractors delaying the project. Most of our builds are completed in under three months, and even less than that for pole barns.

Don’t let your land stop you from creating the barndominium of your dreams!
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