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If you’re not familiar with barndominium living just yet, you’ve probably got a lot of questions: about getting started, about the building process, about what makes barndominiums the right choice for so many people. Here are just a few of the questions we hear most from customers who are getting started.

Yes! Some banks will finance barndominium builds. We recommend that you obtain preapproval from your bank before getting started with the building process. If you’re not sure that your bank will approve this project, we can direct you toward banks we’ve worked with before.

The honest answer is that it depends. Barndominiums can cost as much to build as a smaller house. Although barndominiums have simpler designs than houses, a lot of the material cost is charged by square foot, which can run up your total. That being said, barndominium living is much more affordable in the long run than living in a traditional house.

There are so many different reasons to choose barndominium living that it’s hard to have a standard answer. All barndominiums are affordable and energy efficient. Because you’re spending less on living expenses, upgrades and renovations are much easier to fit into your budget. They’re a great choice for those looking to downsize, give cherished family members a space of their own, or to grow a business. Barndominiums are also incredibly versatile. There’s no set way to use your barndominium, and it can evolve based on your needs. Your options are truly limitless.

With as windy as Oklahoma can be, it’s important to know that your home will stand up to the elements. Our crew uses close cell spray foam to give your home an extra vapor barrier. This foam also creates additional structural strength that will help increase your building’s wind rating. If you’re interested in the wind ratings of a specific project we build, ask our crew for details.

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